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Best practices?


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    Roqos Support II

    Thanks for your question in Roqos Support Community.

    We have designed the Assets feature with abstracting users and devices for simpler management functions. Creating groups and microsegments is simply grouping devices and users so that creating access control policies or assigning filters to them would be easier. 

    Groups are a set of users, while microsegments can be both users and devices. For example, the engineering group would have a set of employees in the engineering department, whereas the printers microsegment would contain all the printers in the company regardless of their physical locations.

    Once groups and microsegments are defined, filtering and policy creating can easily use them instead of repeating the same filters or policy rules to multiple users and devices.

    Regarding policies, pairing them as source and destination would allow administrators to create access rules. For example, allowing the Engineering group to access engineering servers around the company.

    If you have more questions please do not hesitate to reach out to Roqos Customer Support by creating a ticket or sending a message to

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