Why am I seeing my iPhone/iPad multiple times as different devices?

The reason you are seeing your Apple products as multiple new devices is due to to new iPhone/Apple operating system update, iOS 14, using what's called private MAC addresses when connecting to WiFi networks, essentially hiding themselves. This causes previous iPhone/iPad devices to connect with a different MAC address to your WiFi signal, and present them as a new device to your Roqos Core.

This feature can be disabled for each WiFi network with the following steps on your Apple devices. Please check if "Use Private Address" is enabled and if it is, disable it for your home WiFi network or networks:

1. Launch Settings on your iPhone/iPad and tap on WiFi.
2. Tap on the network that you are connected to and disable the toggle next to “Use Private Address”.


Detailed information can be read at the following support article on Apple's website: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211227

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