How can I setup site-to-site VPN?


Site-to-Site VPN feature provides true VPN capability between two locations where a device in one location can access to another one at the other location. Here is how to set it up:

Assume that you have two Roqos Cores (RCs), at two locations A and B. A is your home or the main office, whereas B is the summer house or the branch office. First enable VPN-In on the RC at A. Then make a VPN-Out connection from the RC at B to the RC at A, the same way as the other VPN-Out connections by choosing Another Roqos Core and the correct RC.

There are couple things to keep in mind so that connections work smoothly:

1- Make sure that Local Network (LAN) subnets on A and B are different and do not overlap. For example, if A uses for it's local network, B must use something else, such as 

2- If your Roqos Cores are behind another router (i.e. an ISP provided router), make sure that they are also using different IP addresses on their side.

3- Site to Site VPN only works between two or more Roqos Cores that are under the same account, i.e. you cannot connect two Roqos Cores managed by different logins to each other via VPN-In.

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