How do I activate a Roqos Core as a Remote Administrator?

As a remote administrator, you are able to activate Roqos Core and then send an invitation to the owner to claim the Roqos Core. You can activate the Roqos Core either remotely or at your customer location. Please follow these steps for activation:
  1. Launch Roqos Home App from here:  Alternatively, you can also download the Roqos Home app for iOS and Android devices from here:
  2. Login with your remote administrator account.
  3. If this is the first Roqos Core you will be managing, you will be automatically prompted to activate a Roqos Core. If you already manage other Roqos Cores from this account, you will need to click on the menu on the top left, then Roqos Core icon at the top of the menu and choose Activate Roqos Core.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for Roqos Core activation and setup.
  5. At the end of initial setup, you will be presented with an option to invite the owner to claim the activated Roqos Core. Enter the email address of the owner to send them an invitation.

Until the owner claims ownership, you will remain as the temporary owner. When the owner clicks on the link included in the invitation email, they will be requested to create a Roqos account if they don’t already have one. You will be notified once they claim ownership. You will continue to be able to manage the Roqos Core after ownership has been claimed unless the owner revokes your access.

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