Why is Roqos Core lit up solid blue before activation?

If your new Roqos Core’s lights are solid blue after a minute of its first power up, you may have purchased previously activated or used Roqos Core. Roqos never sells used or previously activated products. However, some market places or auction sites may sell used products. Roqos discourages buying used Roqos products, but they are still supported once the purchase is proven.
For these cases, please contact Roqos support at support@roqos.com and provide proof of your purchase. Please include a copy of the purchase receipt as well as a picture of the serial label at the bottom of the Roqos Core in your email. It is important that you leave your Roqos Core powered on and connected to the internet after you contact Roqos support. Right after we verify your ownership, we’ll remotely authorize your Roqos Core. When it starts blinking blue, you can proceed with the activation process in your Roqos we app at login.roqos.com.

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