Is Roqos Core affected with VPNFilter malware and similar ones?

VPNFilter malware has affected millions of routers from all major router companies. It allowed hackers to sniff users' activities, learn about their network, and worse, brick their routers. The main reason for this vulnerability is because these routers have enabled local web interface with default password, or open ports for remote access. Hackers constantly scan internet to find these routers and infect them with their code. FBI has warned everybody that they have to reboot their routers right away and update their firmware. 

Roqos being a cybersecurity company has designed Roqos Core from ground up with these types of attacks in mind. Roqos Core does not have any open ports, instead it connects automatically to Roqos Cloud to get latest security signatures and software constantly and automatically.

Roqos Core also blocks hackers scanning or trying to get into your network with its Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) features. Any suspicious activity like these is recorded and notified to you via email and app alert.

As Roqos we work hard to protect you 100% from recent attacks and malware, while everyday there is a new one coming up. Any new hack, malware, or attack are learned, new signatures are created, and all Roqos Cores are updated right away.

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