What is the difference between VPN Out, VPN In and VPN User?

VPN Out routes Internet traffic of all your connected devices on your network via an encrypted connection that bypasses your internet service provider. You can route your traffic via Roqos VPN (included with your Roqos service), a 3rd party VPN service provider or another Roqos Core. The goal is to maintain your anonymity online and prevent your internet provider from tracking your internet activity.
Please refer to the following article on how to enable VPN Out: 
VPN In allows you to establish a secure connection to your local network from an external Wi-Fi network. The internet traffic from your device is routed via your Roqos Core. This feature is particularly useful if you are on a public Wi-Fi where others can eavesdrop on your internet traffic. In addition, you can access devices on your local network from anywhere. Roqos VPN app is available for free to connect to your network on Android, iOS, Windows and FireTV devices.
For more details on how to enable VPN In, please refer to the following help article: 
VPN User allows your trusted users to access your Roqos Core remotely. After you send them an invitation, your users can use your internet connection and/or access devices on your local network via a VPN connection from their devices. 
The following article shows how to enable VPN User on your Roqos Core: 

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