What does the Roqos Service provide?

Roqos Service provides the following:

  • 2GB/month Roqos cellular data for RC150 and RC20 models
  • Automatic cybersecurity signature updates
  • Automatic user control filter updates
  • Automatic country block and DNS filter updates
  • Automatic software updates
  • Automatic vulnerability updates
  • Notifications on network events, and security threats via email and in-app
  • Internet activity, cybersecurity & network usage reports
  • New Roqos software and service features
  • Customer support
  • Hardware warranty with advanced replacement for defective units within USA.

Roqos Service is optional, as Roqos Cores work without the Roqos Service. However above features will be missed. 

You can use customer portal to purchase annual Roqos Service at https://www.roqos.com/customer-portal/login


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