How to use WiFi mesh with Roqos Core?

In case Roqos Core's simultaneous dual WiFi network is not wide enough to cover your big house, you can use a wireless mesh system to increase the coverage.
Roqos Core works with any wireless mesh system. However, for Roqos Core to be able to control and protect individual devices we recommend wireless mesh systems that support bridge mode. If it is not supported, Roqos Core with wireless mesh still interoperate but all of the WiFi devices connected to wireless mesh would be shown as single device on Roqos Core.
To connect wireless mesh system to Roqos Core please follow the following quick steps:
  1. Connect the base unit (or one of the units) to a switch port on back of Roqos Core with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Spread the units around the house to get the best coverage, power all of them.
  3. Please make sure the base unit is not blocked for internet access on Roqos Core. If you enabled Block New Devices on Roqos app, unblock the wireless mesh system in Roqos app's Devices page.
  4. Follow the instructions to configure the wireless mesh system.
  5. Set the WiFi network (SSID) name. We recommend using the same as the Roqos Core WiFi name.
  6. Change the packet forwarding mode to bridge mode on wireless mesh system.

At this point your house should be covered with WiFi signal, while fully protected with Roqos Core.


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