How do I add static routes to Roqos Core?

Followings are the steps to add static routes:

1. To see the current routes, go to Advanced Settings > Static Routes, which should show you something similar to below example: 


Default gateway/route, which is the regular, non-VPN interface is denoted by default, and is on interface named eth0 in this example.

Keep in mind that the default internet interface in an RC is always eth0, and the VPN-Out interface is always tun0.

2. If you would like to add a static route on the default gateway address and interface, click ADD button and fill out Interface, Destination and Gateway and then click the Add button as shown below.

mceclip4.pngAt this point, all traffic destined to network will bypass VPN-Out connection and instead will go through the regular ISP connection. This static route will remain intact until it is deleted manually.


3. To see the newly added static route, go to Advanced Settings > Static Routes, and scroll down to the Custom Routes as shown below.


4. To delete a static route you previously added, click the trash can icon of the route.


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