Can I have parental controls while kids are outside?

Roqos VPN apps' Kids Mode feature allows you to extend parental controls beyond the home. Scheduled pauses and filters will be in effect even when your children’s devices are outside the coverage of the home network. 
Kids Mode works by routing all the internet traffic via your Roqos Core using Roqos VPN app. If the app is unable to establish a VPN connection leaving the device unprotected for a period of time, you will be notified via the Roqos Home app. Kids mode is currently supported only on Android and iOS devices.
Follow these steps to enable Kids Mode on your children’s devices: 
  1. Ensure that VPN In feature is enabled on your Roqos Core. Navigate to Cybersecurity section in Roqos Home app, select VPN In. If VPN Server is disabled, select VPN Server Settings and enable VPN server.   
  2. Download the Roqos VPN app from either Google Play or Apple Appstore.
  3. Launch the app and login with your Roqos account. 
  4. Tap on Kids Mode and select “Enable” while connected to your home network.
Roqos VPN app will now automatically establish a VPN connection to your Roqos Core whenever a disconnection from home network is detected. Disabling Kids Mode requires your Roqos account password to prevent children from bypassing parental controls.  
On Apple’s iOS devices, you have the option to restrict the ability to delete apps. It is strongly recommended that you enable this restriction on your child’s device to prevent kids from uninstalling the Roqos VPN app. Follow these steps to do this: 
  1. Go to Settings app, tap on General and then Restrictions. 



Tap on Enable Restrictions, enter a passcode. 



Scroll down to “Deleting Apps” option and disable it.


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