How to setup Roqos VPN OUT

The VPN OUT feature is designed to protect your privacy while your whole house is connected to the Internet. Due to the recent FCC ruling, ISPs are able to collect data on your internet usage without your consent. In addition, with appeal of Net Neutrality ISPs are capable of throttling certain website, or streaming services.

VPN OUT feature, by creating an encrypted Internet tunnel from your home, prevents ISPs from collecting usage data, as well as categorizing, prioritizing, filtering and throttling your Internet services.

To enable VPN-OUT, navigate to Cybersecurity in your Roqos Home app, select Settings and then the "VPN-Out” option.



Then in VPN OUT page choose VPN destination by clicking on Connect To. The choices are:

  • Roqos VPN network
  • Another Roqos Core
  • 3rd Party VPN Providers (e.g. PureVPN, PIA, etc.)


VPN Kill Switch is an optional feature which blocks Internet for additional privacy in case the VPN connection is lost.

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