Why does the Google Playstore require me to accept so many permissions when installing the Roqos Home app?

Some permissions are necessary for our app to be able to work properly. Each permission and their use is explained below. Keep in mind that different Android operating system versions group these permissions differently. The below permissions are as reported by Android 7:

Device ID & Call Information:  In order to be able share WiFi password with SMS, Roqos app uses this permission to understand if the device running the app is capable of sending messages.

SMS:: This is also used for to be able to send WiFi passwords via SMS. Roqos app does not view your SMS messages and only uses the send function if and only if you select “Share Home Wi-Fi Password via Text” in our app.

Photos/Media/Files: This is needed to be able to save and read the already saved pictures assigned to each user profile inside the app.

Wi-Fi connection information: This is needed to be able to check if the device is connected to Roqos Core’s Wi-Fi signal while activating your Roqos Core.

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