What is SSH and how do I use it to connect to my Roqos Core?

SSH (Secure SHell) is a program designed to allow advanced users to log into another computer over a network and to execute commands on that computer. You can login to Roqos Core's Linux shell via an SSH connection. You will first need to enable the SSH server on Roqos Core under Advanced Settings section. You can then launch a SSH terminal window and connect to Roqos Core with the following command: ssh admin@<IP Address of your Roqos Core>. When prompted for the password, type your account password. If your account password does not work, please try "roqos" for the password.  

System administration commands can be run by using the "sudo" command.

Please note that any changes in Roqos Core’s system files may cause your router to malfunction, restrict customer support’s ability to support, or void your warranty. For that reason, we encourage only advanced users to use this feature.

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