Why is the site I am trying to access getting blocked by Ad Blocker?

Some sites require advertising on a page to load prior to loading the page's actual content. You may have trouble opening such a page if the advertisement is blocked by the AdBlocker on Roqos Core. In these instances, you can temporarily disable Ad Blocker. You can do that as follows: 

1. Launch Roqos app and select Cybersecurity and then select Ad Blocker.

2. Either disable Ad Blocker completely or select "Apply to Select Profiles" and then disable it for the profile the device you are using to access the site is associated with.

If you know the specific URL of the site serving the advertisement, you can add it to the custom filters of the profile. This would allow you to keep Ad Blocker enabled while allowing only that particular advertising site. You can do that as follows: 

1. Select Users in the menu and select the user profile. 

2. Click Filters, scroll down to the bottom and click "Allowed Sites". 

3. Enter the URL of the site serving the advertisement and click "Add" and then save. 


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