How do I connect my Roqos Core to another one?

You can connect your Roqos Core to another one either owned by you or someone else via a VPN connection. This allows you to route internet traffic of devices connected to a Roqos Core through the other one. This may be particularly useful if you are in a location that restricts access to public VPN servers or the online service you wish to access blocks incoming connections from public VPN servers. 
If you wish to connect to another Roqos Core you have activated under the same Roqos account, simply follow these steps: 
1. Launch Roqos app. 
2. Go to OmniVPN > VPN Out section of the app. 
3. Tap on "Connect To" option and select "Another Roqos Core". 
4. Select the Roqos Core you wish to connect and save your selection. 
5. Tap on "Connect" to initiate the VPN connection to selected Roqos Core. 
If you wish to connect to a Roqos Core either owned by someone else or activated under a different Roqos account, you will first need to receive a VPN User invitation sent to the email address you registered your Roqos account. If the Roqos Core is owned by someone else, please request them to send you an invitation as follows: 
1. Login to Roqos app. 
2. Navigate to OmniVPN > VPN User section of the app. 
3. Tap on "Add User" and specify the email address of the recipient. The email address should match the one you registered your Roqos account. 
After you receive the invitation, the remote Roqos Core will appear automatically under VPN Out section. At that point, you can follow the steps outlined above to establish a connection to that Roqos Core.

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