How do I connect with a VPN User invitation?

VPN User feature allows your trusted users to access your Roqos Core remotely. Your Users can use your internet connection and/or access devices on your home network via a VPN connection from their devices. 

You will first need a VPN User invitation email. If you don’t already have an invitation, please request it from the administrator of the Roqos Core you wish to connect. If you already have an invitation, follow these steps to create a VPN user account and configure the device(s) you wish to use to connect via User VPN. 

  1. Open the invitation email and click on “Create Account” link. 
  2. Enter a password to create your user account.
After creating an account, you will receive another email with instructions to install and configure a VPN client on the device you will use to connect to Roqos Core. This email includes instructions for different operating systems including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Follow the steps applicable to the operating system of your device. 

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