How do I setup a VPN client in Linux to remotely connect to my Roqos Core?

You can connect to Roqos VPN from your Linux computer using the free OpenVPN client. Here are the steps to get yourself set up:

  1. Navigate to VPN > VPN In section from the Roqos Home app menu.
  2. Enable the VPN In server if you haven't done so already. For instructions on enabling the VPN server, please refer to this article.
  3. Tap on "VPN Client Setup" option, select Linux from the list of operating systems available and tap on "Next".
  4. Select the device you wish to connect from and tap on "Next". If you don't see the device in the list, connect to the home network from it and tap on "Refresh".
  5. Select the email address you wish to send detailed VPN setup instructions as well as the OVPN configuration file necessary to configure the OpenVPN client. It is preferable that you choose an email address that you have access to from the device you are trying to setup VPN client on.
  6. Follow the instructions in the email to download the OpenVPN client and configure it. 


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